Venezuela and Hugo Chavez – A Book Recommendation


The head of Venezuela was chosen by individuals in a vote based system, yet he manages like a despot. He controls business, military, training, media, food, work, travel, police, prisons, common liberties and each of the three parts of government. Furthermore, presently he’s passed another standard that he can continue to campaign for office endlessly thus he will.


Hugo Chavez has told the World that the USA can’t survive without their oil, however this is essentially not thus, we not in the least don’t require it, we should quit getting it. Allow me to prescribe a generally excellent book to you:


“The Threat Closer to Home; Hugo Chavez and the 먹튀폴리스Against America,” by Douglas Schoen and Michael Rowan; Free Press (2009).


Venezuela’s Oil Production has diminished by 1/3 since Hugo Chavez nationalized the business. With the creation way down, he is having a remarkably difficult time attempting to pay for every one of the social projects he made and every one of the commitments he’s made; both strategically and socially. More regrettable, the cost of oil is way down from its high and Venezuela has next to no capacity limit 5-10 days relying upon the kind of oil is all.


Hugo Chavez has likewise been controlling the decisions in Argentina, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and El Salvador, while pursuing those countries that go against the US like North Korea, Iran, Russia and Cuba. He’s additionally attempted to estrange the US from Bolivia and Ecuador, as well as generally all of Central America, calling America the Devil.


Mr. Chavez to be sure standards by harassing, terrorizing, and force against the Venezuelan public and his neighbors. Presently with food deficiencies, and different issues, he is putting this on the USA, yet the majority of individuals there know in any case. The US purchases the greater part of their oil, perhaps we should stop, turn those boats back, after all there should be around 80 billion barrels of oil sitting off the shores of significant World ports this moment, as there is no capacity left. Figure on this, now is the ideal time to take action.

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